marine structures


We are a leading engineering firm in South Florida in the marine industry with a vast experience in marine design including but limited the design of marinas, wood and concrete docks, sheet pile and concrete  walls, cofferdams, concrete  tremie pours, etc


 Leader of the structural engineering Community

Our Commercial Engineering experience is an industry leader in commercial structural design. We offer unparalleled Engineering Services, Threshold Inspection Services, and Construction Administration.

A construction project is a monumental endeavor. Solver Structural will provide the professional and reliable engineering service you deserve during this complex time frame. Timely preparation of construction plans  will facilitate the successful completion of each individual project. Our mission is to combine intelligence, expertise, and technology in striving to provide our clients with a final product that offers the best engineering solutions to their needs.

SolVer Structural

Our experienced Engineering team offers superior services, whether the project involves a single-family home, multifamily or condominium. We are confident we can provide excellent economical and engineering solutions for the proposed design intention.

deep foundation 

We also have expertise  in the deep foundation design including but limited the design of  lareral  restrained sheet pile walls, cofferdams and concrete tremie slabs.

Consulting engineers